ISM / ISPS Management

ISMand ISPS are important tools-to operate our vessels in a safe and secure way. VENUS Shipping - as managing company have an assumed responsibility to ensure safety, to ensure human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damage to the environment and to property.

ISM – International Safety Management

The ISM code came into force on the 1st July, 2002, and requires that the managing company must be responsible for the technical maintenance of the ship by preparing a complete SMS – system.
VENUS Shippingis certified according to this code, and can thereby act as DOC-holder for other ships.
VENUS Shipping- as managing Company - will full fill these obligations by being responsible for:
  We provide shipyard attendance if requested. We also liaise and work with class and flag state surveyors as needed.  

ISPS – International Ship & Port Security

The ISPS code became mandatory for all ship owners and their technical managers the 1st July, 2004. To comply with the ISPS-code we will prepare SSA (Ships Security Assessment) and SSP (Ship Security Plan).
VENUS Shipping- as managing Company - will assure that security is high effective by: